Dota Auto Chess patch introduces new heroes, deals with hackers

By Olivia Richman


Mar 4, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

As Dota Auto Chess continues to gain popularity, developers Drodo Studio delivered three new heroes in the game’s latest patch.

The new chess pieces are Riki the Satyr Assassin, Mirana the Elf Hunter, and the Undead Warlock known as Death Prophet. Many current heroes received some reworking, including Alchemist, whose Acid Spray was replaced with Chemical Rage. Similarly, Slark’s Shadow Dance was exchanged for Pounce.

The addition of Riki introduces a new race to Auto Chess, a game that thrives on combining different races in your army to unlock powerful combos. Once a player has unlocked the Satyr Assassin race requirement, other players will not be able to view the pieces they have sitting on the bench, adding a whole new dynamic of subterfuge to the game.

Dota Auto Chess’ recent patch was also important to its players because it introduced gold-tracking statistics and a report function. This was in response to an influx of cheaters plaguing the game. These new additions will help players determine if a competitor is cheating so that they can alert the developers.

Cheaters have found ways to collect unlimited gold and steal resources from their opponents. A hack like this allows the cheater to obtain the game’s strongest units long before their competitors can afford similar units.

It first seemed as if Drodo Studio was powerless against these hackers, and the game’s 4.7 million subscribers were growing weary of the problem.

Players began to host custom lobbies to avoid hackers. One popular Discord server, “gihl,” has thousands of members who create lobbies based on each other’s ranks. They also actively remove suspected cheaters.

Dota Auto Chess continues to entertain gamers accustomed to a variety of other titles. Drodo Studio has said that new language translations will be coming to the mod soon, speaking to the games popularity across all regions of the world.