Dota 2 has revealed the location of The International 11

By Kenneth Williams


May 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The location of The International 11 has been all but confirmed after Dota 2 social media went on a teasing spree.

An official Dota 2 social media channel posted a set of images depicting small hero figurines at various locations. At first glance, it seems to just be a few promotional images for some new Dota 2 merchandise. But observant fans claim that it could be a hint towards the location of the next International. Here’s what we know so far.

Was The International 11 location revealed?

The images center around a set of four Dota 2 hero figurines representing Pheonix, Tusk, Rubick, Spirit Breaker, and Axe. The first four stand upright while Axe appears to be sleeping on his side. The fourth image also shows a Monkey King resting on a banana. Dota 2 has historically released new figurines and merchandise for The International, so this is the first clue that it’s related to the location of TI11.

The second big clue is the plane chair shown in the photograph. According to fan analysis, that particular chair is commonly found on planes used by Singapore Airlines. No one was able to provide the exact model number, but a similar stitching pattern appears on the chairs of the airline’s Airbus A350.

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A second tweet posted on May 20 further teased Singapore as the location of The International 11. Alliance coach Leon Arthur noted that the conical trees in the background are likely the Supertree Grove in Singapore. These pictures also featured a new miniature figure for Sand King.

The International 11 will most likely take place in Singapore

With those clues and more to come, it seems very likely that The International 11 will take palace in Singapore. 

This will mark the first time that Dota 2 has held its annual championship in Southeast Asia. The exact location has not been confirmed, but it will most likely take place in a larger city such as Bedok, Jurong West, or Tampines. With a TI in SEA, the event will have taken place in every major Dota 2 competitive region except for South America.

Tickets and dates for The International 2011 are still under wraps, but news about them should come soon. The ongoing Stockholm Major marks the second big The International qualifier of the season with just the Arlington Major in August remaining. The International 11 will most likely take place in October to maintain the timeline of The International 10.