Wraith Pact is the most OP Dota 2 item, Stockholm Major proves

By Kenneth Williams


May 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

As often happens in Dota 2, a new item that everybody forgot about is now the scariest thing in the game.

After quietly being added to the game in Dota 2 patch 7.31, Wraith Pact has become one of the most gaming-changing items at the Stockholm Major. Pro teams from all regions are rushing the item from multiple positions due to its insanely strong active ability and its powerful aura. Here’s what makes Wraith Pact so good and how to use it to win MMR before a much-needed nerf that is sure to come in future updates.

Wraith Pact is a 4,050 gold item made from Vladimir’s Offering, a Point Booster, and a recipe. The item retains all of the passive aura from Vladimir’s Offering with the addition of a very powerful active. Wraith’s Reprisal summons a moving totem that reduces all outgoing damage by affected enemies. It also deals a small amount of damage over time and takes five hits to destroy.

The item was released with Revenant’s Brooch with little fanfare in 7.31, but multiple buffs have turned it into a monster. The active now reduces all damage by a whopping 30% while dealing 30 damage per second, both up from the previous 25. The passive aura also grants more mana regeneration and lifesteal than Vladimir’s. 

Since the start of the Stockholm Major, the item has become a must-buy for pro teams. 30% damage reduction is a big amount for players who operate on the thinnest of margins. Its versatility is also very strong. The fact that it affects spells and well as right-click attacks means it works against every hero in every game. With the damage buff from Valdimir’s Offering, Wraith Pact effectively grants a relative 45% damage boost to the team who has it.

Wraith Pact is the ticket to winning MMR in Dota 2

Wraith Pact won’t be broken forever, so now is a great time to start abusing it to earn some MMR.

The item works well on almost any hero, but a few are particularly good at casting Wraith Pact and keeping it alive. The most obvious role for Wraith Pact is offlane, as many tanky heroes already like a Vladimir’s Offering and can use the active to help initiate. The best situation is a hero that can keep Wraith Pact alive through the fight. Axe can use Berserker’s Call to keep enemies occupied while Phoenix and Undying can split enemy attention between two targets.

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As for using it, its important to remember that Wraith Pact has a much greater impact later into the game. 30% of 400 attack damage is a lot more than 30% of 120. Make sure to get a Blink, Eul’s, Lotus Orb, or whatever other items you need first. Get the Vlad’s early and then upgrade after a successful teamfight or push. The damage reduction puts a winning team further ahead while also making a comeback much easier to pull off.


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