Does Arcane’s final trailer reveal Jinx’s real name?

By Nicholas James


Oct 31, 2021

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The final trailer for Riot Games’ flagship animated series, Arcane, was released as part of the 2021 World Championship’s semifinals. Arcane will release on November 6, the same day as the Worlds final. The new trailer gives fans a look at the arc of Arcane’s story, as well as some juicy hints about Jinx’s real identity.

The trailer opens with an introduction of the lofty spires of Piltover and the neglected undercity of Zaun. It opens with glimpses of Jayce, Heimerdinger, and other Piltovan luminaries around a cog-shaped council table, discussing the rising tensions with Zaun. This is immediately contrasted by Silco, the series’ mysteriously scarred antagonist, and a Zaunite council convening inside of a greenhouse-esque space in the underbelly of Zaun.

Next, Jinx clashes with mysterious owl mask-wearing goons atop a high ledge. This quickly cuts to Caitlyn making her way to an isolated prison, an enormous stone keep on an island.

This is where a new part of Arcane‘s storyline comes clear, later acts will feature Caitlyn freeing an imprisoned, older Vi in order to track down her criminal sister. Shots of Jinx’s makeshift grenades destroying a building in Piltover and Caitlyn discovering a calling card clearly left by Vi’s sister reveal new story details.

Is Jinx’s real name Powder?

As Vi embarks to find Jinx after years apart, she calls her sister “Powder”, a name that Ekko calls Jinx in Legends of Runeterra. In the “A Score To Settle” promotional video, Jinx’s score on the boxing construct sits next to the name “Pow”. All this points to the first proper confirmation of Jinx’s true name.

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Silco speaks about the need to stop Piltover at all costs from abandoning Zaun, alluding to a mysterious purple substance featured throughout Arcane’s promotional material. At the same time, an Arcane original character named Mel speaks about the need for Piltover’s own countermeasures against the undercity.

From there, it’s mostly things fans have seen before, with Jinx and Vi facing mysterious enemies. There are brief glimpses of Vi wielding a new Hextech design for her gauntlets before the trailer signs out with Vander advising an enforcer to not insult the bartender.

Arcane releases on Netflix on November 6 at 7 p.m. PT.


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