Disguised Toast Valorant

Disguised Toast may leave Valorant, drops DSG team

By Olivia Richman


Jun 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

YouTuber turned esports enthusiast Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is seemingly stepping back from Valorant after he announced he is releasing his Challengers players and coach.

Disguised Toast has been struggling throughout his Valorant journey, but most recently signed a promising roster to his NA Valorant Challengers League team. Unfortunately, the team failed to reach playoffs and had no chance at Ascension. In the relegation bracket, the team went 0-2 against OREsports and MAD Lions.

As a result, Disguised Toast is questioning if he should even be in Valorant at all.

DSG disbanded after disappointing results

Disguised Toast took to Twitter to announce the sad news to fans.

“As we’ve been relegated from the VCT Challenger League, we have released our players and coach from our roster as we re-evaluate the future of DSG in the Valorant scene,” Disguised Toast tweeted. “Thank you to all the players for this incredible first year and we wish them all the best.”

His team’s Challengers journey has been hard on Disguised Toast. The streamer apologized to fans in early May when the team struggled quite significantly, going 0-3 in the league at that point. Disguised Toast felt he was letting down the team and his fans, but admitted he’s new to esports and trying to navigate the scene the best he can.

Previously, Disguised Toast also signed a Game Changers squad made up of all popular female Valorant streamers. This team unfortunately also failed to perform, forcing Disguised Toast to let go of those players as well.

Is Disguised Toast leaving Valorant?

After the stressful struggles Disguised Toast has continued to face while getting into the Valorant esports scene, it seems like a big possibility that he’s done with Valorant altogether. His tweet hinted that he wasn’t sure about his future with Valorant after the most recent decision to drop his Challengers team.

It’s possible that Disguised Toast wants to turn his attention to League of Legends instead. He recently tweeted that he was looking for top League of Legends pros from North America.

“Thinking of starting a team,” he tweeted near the end of May.

It’s currently unclear what level of competition Disguised Toast has set his sights on. In fact, it’s not even clear if he is going to sign a team at all. But it’s looking all the more likely if he chooses to step out of Valorant and focus on League of Legends instead.