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Disguised Toast fires female Valorant roster after GC loss

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 6, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has already fired his streamer-studded female roster just after three games, trolling fellow organizations. 

The North American Valorant scene and its dramatics are nothing new for the fans, but this time, it’s Disguised Toast trolling fellow organizations for mishandling their player contracts. The popular YouTube streamer has let go of its streamer-stacked Game Changers roster after a short stint due to “financial” woes. 

Disguised’s stacked roster featured Kyedea but fell short in VCT GC qualifiers, which led to an instant fire from the org owner. Toast took it to Twitter to individually fire each player, taking a jab at the current esports trend. 

Disguised Toast esports org troll is hilarious

DSG GC roster

Recently, the Valorant scene is crammed with reports of organizations firing players after a few disappointing performances. The community wasn’t pleased when Cloud9 released Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker after spending just five months with the organization due to role issues. And then Félix “xQc” Lengyel “ghosting” Turtle Troops further showed just how unreliable the esports ecosystem is. 

So when the Disguised female roster lost two games in VCT GC, Toast fired them in typical NA fashion. 

“This is the esports scene, baby. You fail to qualify, you get fired. You lose a LOCK//IN tournament, you get fired. I don’t make the rules, I learned this from watching other orgs,” he said

It’s worth noting that players were likely in on the joke since Disguised Toast previously clarified that this roster is content-focused. However, the community wasn’t necessarily pleased with Disguised signing streamers in the first place. But it was an intelligent move because the streamer roster put big viewership numbers on the screen. 

About Over 100,000 viewers watched Game Changers series I, roping in fresh eyes for VCT GC. Even though the roster lacked full-time professionals, the streamers were able to win their first game against SHIFTX with just a week of practice. However, they’d later lose to the same team in a rematch.