Omen Valorant

All the hidden agent dossiers in Valorant from agent 20

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 5, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Valorant agents are being blatantly blackmailed by a secret character who knows everything. Here are all the hidden dossiers in Valorant threatening the protocol. 

This character, who could be the next Valorant agent, isn’t a fan of the protocol. He wants something from Brimstone’s squad, and he’s loud about it. So far, the secret character has dropped threats across the maps signed for each Valorant agent. These dossiers are stamped with an eye, likely agent 20‘s signature ability. 

According to Viper, this new agent would be a valuable addition to the Initiator roster. Considering the intensity of threats, she’s not wrong. The secret agent knows sensitive details about the personal life of the roster. 

Here are the hidden agent dossiers in Valorant from agent 20

So far, there is a total of 12 hidden dossiers in Valorant. These are all the threats from the secret agent. 

The first batch of cards confirmed that Viper was undoubtedly at the center of some accident. According to Valorant lore, Omen’s ghostly state is presumably a result of a failed experiment led by Viper. Whatever happened after that experiment is unknown, but it prompted Viper to wipe out her past self.

Omen’s card was also quite interesting. While agent 20 is a master of intel-gathering, they still could not pin Omen’s real identity. All agents were mentioned by their real names, but Omen’s identity was redacted. 

The second batch was much more detailed and horrifying. The eye character has picked at the most sensitive parts of each agent’s life, but Cypher’s card was the most surprising one for the players. It turns out the masked agent has a son. As if this new information wasn’t shocking enough, agent 20 also revealed that Cypher remains masked in front of his son. This means players will likely never see his face either.

What are the real names of Valorant agents? 

These dossiers were alarming but quite insightful for the Valorant players. For one, agent 20 has publicized the real names of most Valorant agents. Here are the names revealed so far:

  • Brimstone: Liam Byrne
  • Chamber: Vincent Fabron 
  • Viper: Sabine Callas 
  • Raze: Tayane Alves
  • Sage: Ling Ying Wei
  • Skye: Kirra Foster
  • Sova: Sasha Novikov
  • Breach: Eric Torsten
  • Cypher: Amir El Amari
  • Killjoy: Klara Bohringer
  • Neon: Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez

The hidden dossiers in Valorant have also revealed that Radiants, the “clones” of agents, aren’t precisely humans. The cards labeled each agent with their classification. Those who weren’t Radiants were tagged humans, implying that Radiants are supernatural characters. While players somewhat knew about their cosmic powers, this confirmation from agent 20 was rather surprising. 

Episode 4 Act 2 is already turning about to be lore-heavy. With Yoru’s changes and Omen buffs, a lot is going on in the Valorant universe. Players should get more answers as this patch unfurls.