Data miners uncover Stranger Things cosmetics coming to Fortnite

By Olivia Richman


Jun 19, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

First there was The Avengers. Then there was John Wick. And now, Fortnite is collaborating with Stranger Things for new skins and promotional items relating to the original Netflix series. 

Since an ice cream parlor from the show turned up in Mega Mall at the beginning of Season 9, the crossover has been repeatedly been teased within the game. Once fans started speculating, Netflix confirmed that it was going to be collaborating with Epic Games in the near future. 

While Epic has yet to officially announce the Stranger Things crossover, data miners have done some digging to further confirm details of the upcoming event. Files have been found that reference in-game Stranger Things themed cosmetics. 

Prolific dataminer Lucas7yoshi uncovered text files in the Fortnite 9.30 files that show the phrase “Stranger Things” in some cosmetic sets called “Weird Objects.”  

Fellow leaker FortTory discovered audio files with the tag “WeirdObjects,” which is another link to the Stranger Things collaboration. He posted a video to his Twitter that includes the clips. Fans who have listened believe the sounds belong to The Upside Down, a special place in the world of Stranger Things with an abunadnce of shadowy monsters.

So far there is no date for the crossover event. But with Stranger Things 3 being released on July 4, fans can only assume that the Stranger Things collaboration will be released around that same date. 

Lucas7yoshi has predicted even more Fortnite events for the next few months. The dataminer recently found evidence of an event called 14 Days of Summer. Completing all new 14 challenges will unlock rewards in Fortnite’s default and limited-time modes. 

The challenges include dancing at six different beaches, bouncing off of a giant beach umbrella, and scoring trick points with a Driftboard that has Neon Tropics attached to it. But what fans seemed most excited about was the mention of daily unvaulted weapons. 

No date has been revealed for the possible 14 Days of Summer event.