Valve replaces Overpass with Dust2 as the new CS2 map

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 26, 2024

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A popular Counter-Strike map is returning to active duty in place of Overpass, Valve has announced. 

April 25 patch notes in CS2 are packed with game-changing updates. From allowing the left-hand model to a newly adjusted bob movement, the latest release notes have pleased the fans. That’s not all. The sizeable update also tweaks the active duty map pool and existing locations in CS2. 

If you liked Dust2, we have great news. The iconic CS2 map is making a return, but you’ll have to bid farewell to Overpass.

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Dust2 is back in CS2

CS2 Dust2

Dust2 is an iconic location, but it has become controversial in recent years. For many years, when it was part of CSGO, Dust2 was all players would play. Since there wasn’t a map pick-and-ban feature, the map became a disliked location forced upon those who wanted variation. 

CS2 has readded Dust2 into the map pool, bidding farewell to Overpass for now. The good news is that CS2 now features a map pick and ban system, giving you the power to diversify your gameplay and reducing the likelihood of some players spamming Dust2-only games. 

Starting April 25, Overpass will no longer be a part of the active duty group, current competition map pool, and premier matchmaking. This presents a golden opportunity for players to dust off their old Dust2 utility lineups and get back to practice.

What are Inferno changes in CS2?

CS2 April 25 release notes have also cleaned up Inferno, adding crucial updates to the map structure. 

Mostly, the changes are small. Valve has cleared up some clutter and added new benches and details to the map design. However, players should be prepared for the changes in mid and banana. The roof on first-mid has been removed, which may impact utility lineups, mainly how flashbangs are used in this particular area. 

Besides that, the Banana entrance is now visually brighter as Valve has removed the small roof and branches shadowing the entrance. 


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By Fariha Bhatti


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