This hidden Cypher camera trick lets you spy on enemies in spawn

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The newly buffed Cypher is finally appearing in more Valorant games. And this new overpowered Cypher camera lineup on Fracture shows that the Morrocan Sentinel is back in the game. 

Cypher’s Spy Cam is powerful. Even when he wasn’t buffed, the camera was the only tool in his kit players picked him for. Unlike any other ability in Valorant, Cypher could expose enemies and their tactics with just a click. On Fracture, this new lineup proves just how dangerous his tiny camera device is. 

Fracture is a complex map with nooks and corners that are tough to defend. Any early intel is helpful for defenders to strategize. Cypher can allow a peek into the attacker spawn to help build a guard. 

Cypher camera lineup on Fracture 

Cypher Valorant

This Cypher camera lineup is game-breakingly good for its odd angle and stability. The only reason not everyone is using it is its steep learning curve. Movement, stability, and patience are a few things that are keeping many from milking out this bug-like lineup. 

For this lineup, attach yourself to the left side of the A-rope during the buy phase. Then, run towards the left side while keeping the camera in the middle of the opposite wall as soon as the buy phase ends. As you reach the apex of your jump, release the camera to attach it to the high spot on the building. 

You will need a few practice sessions before getting it right. But it’s worth the effort as this camera will provide a clear view of the attacker’s spawn. So whether they’re going A or B, you may see it at the round’s start and strategize accordingly.

The trick to using this setup is to stay quiet. Don’t tag the enemies; they’ll find and destroy the camera. Keep the camera hidden and use it throughout the round to check rotations.