Cypher buffs

Cypher, Harbor finally buffed in Valorant patch 5.10

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Competition in Valorant is about to get steep. Patch 5.10 brings Cypher back into the game, with some buffs for Harbor on the side. 

The latest Valorant patch is a big one. Besides some game changes, Fade, Cypher, and Harbor will get long-due tweaks to mix things up in ranked Valorant. The duo of Cypher and Fade has been on Riot’s radar for some time now, but Harbor’s low pick rate has earned him a surprise buff as well.

Players have long been asking for Cypher buffs in Valorant. The Morrocan spy dominated in Project: A, but the addition of better Sentinels made him a has-been. Riot is hopeful that the changes will bring him back into the selection. 

“We hope that these updates get Cypher mains out there coming up with new setups for their information webs and that, when paired with upcoming updates to Chamber, help him reclaim a compelling spot amongst his peers,” Valorant community manager Jo-Ellen Aragon said. 

What are the new Cypher buffs in Valorant?

Cypher Valorant

Cypher is getting some major tweaks to his Trapwire and Neural Theft in Valorant patch 5.10

  • Trapwire
    • Maximum Trapwire length increased by 1000 >>> 1500
  • Neural Theft
    • Now reveals enemies two times. There is a four-second delay between the reveals
    • Time restriction to cast on enemy corpses has been removed
    • Maximum cast distance increased by 1200 >>> 1800

This means Cypher mains can cover a much larger area with the traps moving forward. But, it’s the ultimate that has genuinely become menacing. Instead of just once, Cypher can now reveal enemies twice. Previously, it was easier to dodge Neural Theft by changing positions for a second. Enemies won’t be able to exploit his ultimate anymore. 

On top of that, Riot has also decreased the yellow silhouette to make enemies clearer on Cypher’s radar. The yellow outline now starts dimmer and fades faster to make it more distinguishable from an actual enemy.

Besides Cypher, Harbor has also received a surprisingly big buff. The developer has loaded his Cascade with another shot. This means Harbor can use his remote wall twice in the round.

Harbor's Cove

While these two agents enjoy significant buffs, Fade will see some nerfs in patch 5.10. 

  • Prowlers
    • Duration reduced from 3 >>> 2.5 seconds. (Time the prowler is alive without a trail).
    • Delay on bite after reaching target increased .4 >>> .6 seconds.
    • Hitbox improvements.
    • Nearsight duration on hit reduced by 3.5 >>> 2.75 seconds.
    • Prowlers now fizzle out and no longer debuff instead of debuffing its target if they teleported away before it finished its animation.
  • Nightfall
    • Cost increased 7 >>> 8.