CSGO shatters records with jaw-dropping player count

By Fariha Bhatti


May 7, 2023

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The Counter-Strike 2 release date is unknown, but that doesn’t stop millions of players from tuning into their favorite FPS title — 1.8 million players, to be precise.

CSGO has been breaking and making new records all through 2023. Thanks to CS2 leaks and reports, the game’s audience is as active as ever, waiting to try out the classic FPS in modern Source 2 visuals. Even though Valve has been mum about CS2 since the initial reveal, players are still more eager than ever before. This excitement has led to an insane spike in player count.

According to Steamcharts, CSGO recorded a peak of 1.8 million concurrent players in May, which is jaw-droppingly high for any gaming title. 

Counter-Strike player count

The game recently hit a 1.5 million player count for the first time. The hike was attributed to the CS2 announcement that rocked the FPS community. But, the beta access eventually slowed down. Many had assumed that Valve’s slow approach would negatively impact the imminent release of CS2, but that’s not the case.

CSGO hits all-time high player count of 1.8 million

It was all apparently the calm before the storm since the game’s player count skyrocketed with the recent announcement from Valve. The developer rolled out the new Paris Major stickers and pick’ems at just the right time, reigniting the passion among the fans. Note that this would be CSGO’s last major, so clearly, all fans logged back into their Steam accounts for their Pick’ems and to bag souvenirs.

As a result, CSGO hit the highest player count ever recorded. The 1.8 million concurrent isn’t just insanely high for CSGO’s standard, but it’s an incredibly high number for any FPS title ever. This spells great things for CS2 and viewership of the upcoming and last CSGO major in Paris.

The game may hit a new all-time high figure when the major begins on May 8, and more players log in to feed their predictions. It seems that CSGO is ending on a high note.


CS2 care package

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