Counter-Strike 2 map Overpass

Two new knives possibly leaked for Counter-Strike 2

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 24, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike 2 will bring massive changes to every aspect of the game, including its selection of knives.

The new info released on Counter-Strike 2 has confirmed that your precious skins will survive the engine change. This is great news for serious investors, and those who have thought about picking up a cheap knife or two are now guaranteed to enjoy them for years. In fact, CS2 data miners claim to have already found two new knives that may be released with the update.

The first knife is a modern take on a kukri, a short sword originally created in Nepal. It features a long curved blade that gets wider towards the tip, then slims back down to a point. The weapon has a ton of surface area, which is great for all-over patterns like Freehand and Crimson Web. It’s somewhat similar to the existing Bowie Knife, which is generally in the middle of the pack for prices.

Counter-Strike 2 kukri knives leaked

The second is an entirely new design internally called the twinblade. If added, it will be tied with the Shadow Daggers as the edgiest knives in Counter-Strike 2. The bifurcated blade is serrated toward the handle, which features a black grip and gold accents. Hopefully, the colors of the handle will change with different finishes.

Counter-Strike 2 twinblade knives leaked

With knives leaked, will Counter-Strike 2 come with a new case?

Counter-Strike 2 will almost definitely launch with a new skin case, and that collection could feature the new knives leaked in the limited beta test.

Valve tends to release new knife designs in batches, with a few new finishes being added at a time. New knife styles tend to come out one by one, but it’s not unprecedented to get multiple in the same case. It would make sense for Valve to release a case to celebrate the launch of Counter-Strike 2 this summer, as the update is confirmed to be entirely free of charge.

In fact, Valve could go the extra mile and launch a new operation to celebrate the occasion. This would likely mark the return of a battle pass with weekly missions, as well as a massive batch of new skins. The only way to learn for sure is to wait for the official launch sometime in the summer of 2023.