Fan discovers potential reason behind slow CS2 beta access

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 18, 2023

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Developments on Counter-Strike 2 have been stagnant since its bombshell reveal, and the reason may not be what you expect.

Fans are chomping at the bit for more CS2 news, but close to nothing has come out about the engine refresh since the launch of the limited beta test. Valve is notoriously quiet about future projects, but it would make sense to keep the hype train rolling. However, a massive coincidence discovered by a fan may be the reason behind the radio silence.

On April 15, 2023, a social media user by the name of lanclos posted a photo of what he claims is a commemorative pin produced by Valve. He stated that he found the pin while using a metal detector on a beach in Hawaii. The pin features the Valve company logo and a small etching of the year 2023. This may seem like nothing more than a fun find, but it could be the reason why Valve is so silent on Counter-Strike 2.

Valve Hawaii vacation could be delaying CS2 news

Every year, Valve employees take a group vacation to Hawaii. Details on this trip are not known, but it’s estimated to take place during spring each year. The tradition has held strong for at least a decade, and it gives the company time to unwind after launching major projects.

With that in mind, it’s possible that the developers in charge of Counter-Strike 2 are out of the office for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Then again, the pin could be left over from a trip earlier this year. If the vacation is over, expect to hear more news about CS2 right from the source in the coming weeks.

When will Valve give more news about CS2?

The CS2 beta test is in the exact same state as it started last month, so when will more news come out?

The limited beta test for Coounter-Strike 2 is still closed to the vast majority of players. This is had to lead to complaints about the player pool, which are amplified by the fact that the test still only features Dust 2. Fans have long expected Valve to either open up access or add more maps to the game, but a trip to Hawaii would explain why.

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The details of Valve’s regular vacation, including its length, are unknown. As a result, it’s difficult to judge when the developers will be back in the office and able to update the beta. However, according to some insiders at Dota 2’s DreamLeague Season 19 tournament, Valve intends to push a massive update for Dota 2 on April 20. That could mean that the company is back in the office and ready to give more news about the future of CS2.


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