CSGO pros recreate Overpass triple boost exploit during major

Fariha Bhatti • May 23, 2022 10:41 am

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PGL Major Antwerp has registered an iconic moment reminiscent of the infamous Olofboost from 2014. 

Valve may have yanked the scandalous Olofboost from the core, but it stays in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in different forms. Overpass has numerous pixel walks that elevate players to killer angles. However, few come close to the greatness of the Olofboost that prompted Valve to put up a “not permitted” warning sign on the cursed spot. Years later, players have discovered a triple boost exploit that may be as deadly as the Olof skyboost. 

Professional CSGO players recreated a game-breakingly good triple boost exploit during the major, refreshing the memories of the cursed bug during a game between LDLC and Fnatic.

Triple boost exploit returns to Overpass

The triple boost isn’t precisely new. It was discovered a month ago by CSGO players, but Patrick “es3tag” Hansen and company have recreated it during the major live stream. 

During a show game between Team Flash and Team Smoke, the latter decided to execute the game-breaking exploit. The three players, led by Patrick “es3tag” Hansen, stacked on top of each other. When the player on the bottom left his post, the two players hovered in the air with the help of the invisible pixel. This allowed es3tag to have a clear view of both B short and canals. NiP’s ace rifler caused an absolute bloodbath on B site using the SCAR-20, taking down two oblivious players on Team Flash. 

This wild boost was anticipated to be removed long ago. Expectedly, it remains in the game a month after discovery. But pro players have refrained from exploiting this pixel walking spot during competitive matches. Es3tag and friends only got away with the act as they played in a show match, which is mostly about content generation and laughs. Still, this live demonstration has publicized the bug for those who didn’t know it existed. 

So next time you notice bullets flying from random directions in Overpass, you may want to check the triple boost angle. More players may try to replicate this pixel walking exploit in CSGO matchmaking after a live show during the major. Valve may deliver a fix in the next patch. Until then, Overpass MM is undoubtedly going to be a pain. 


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