New Overpass boost

Illegal Olofboost inspires a new Overpass trick for AWPers

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have created something similar to the historic Olofboost that changed the game. The new boost isn’t as deadly, but it can be viable. 

CSGO has its fair share of bugs and loopholes that players love to exploit. But this new trick is completely legal and extremely helpful. The new Overpass boost on the B site requires team power and tons of patience. 

How to use Overpass boost trick in CSGO

The pixel walking incident between LDLC and Fnatic in 2014 Dreamhack added a dark page in the CSGO history book. The insane boost was removed from the game, leaving a lasting impression on esports enthusiasts.

Eight years after the incident, players still can’t let go of the legendary boost that changed how Overpass was played. This new discovery might not be as deadly, but it has freshened up the blurry memory of Olofmeister’s illegal boost. 

Falcons Esports was spotted executing this complex boost that provides a view of B site’s water crossing. It requires the help of all five players on the team, with four players stacked near the pillar to get a clear view. The three players can boost atop each other, then the fourth needs the help of the fifth teammate to jump on top of the triple-stack. From here, the final piece can equip an AWP and shoot down players crossing from barrel to waters. 

It is certainly nowhere as valuable as the Olofboost, but it works interestingly. If your team believes that the enemy team continues to lurk between water crossing, you should try this tactic to take them by surprise. Since this boost is hard to read, you can repeat it multiple rounds. 

What’s Olofboost in CSGO? 

Olofboost is a famous in-game boost that Valve later banned. It was first used by Olofmeister on team Fnatic, who stood on invisible pixels to get a vantage view of Overpass. The professional player showed how deadly and game-breaking this unknown boost was, becoming an essential highlight in CSGO history. 

Pixel walks are illegal to use in ESEA and FACEIT events, and are even considered an exploit on Valve’s matchmaking servers. Consequently, Dreamhack ordered a replay of the entire match, but it never happened. Likely due to heavy criticism, Fnatic forfeited the map with LDCL advancing in the tournament series.