The Olofboost has returned to Overpass, here’s how to do it

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A new triple Overpass boost has shades of Fnatic’s Olofboost play from 2014.

An enterprising group of aspiring players has discovered a new three-man boost on Overpass that strongly resembles the famous Olofboost. The exploit, which will almost definitely get patched in a future update, was first publicized by a French FACEIT team. While not legal in a tournament setting, there’s nothing stopping players from using this strategy in official matchmaking.

The boost was first posted by French AWPer OxyL1ght. In his social media post, he claimed that the boost is fairly easy to perform with three players. By reaching an unintended spot near bathrooms, an AWPer can peer into B site and pick players off with very little chance to retaliate.

This new boost also bears a striking resemblance to the infamous Olofboost, a tactic employed by Fnatic against Team LDLC at Dreamhack Winter 2014. That boost was retroactively determined illegal, forcing a complete rematch which Fnatic lost. Valve has since commemorated the famous event with a custom plaque near the site warning players to not climb the railings.

How to perform the new Olofboost on Overpass

First, it is important to know that this boost can get you banned on third-party matchmaking servers. It involves a technique known as pixel walking where players stand on invisible parts of the map architecture. If a pro team attempted to do this during a tournament, they would almost assuredly be sanctioned. Overpass has always had a ton of wacky boosts, but this one might be the most egregious.

Send three players outside of bathrooms close to A site. Send the sniper into the corner next to the shrubs and the other two on the raised concrete planter. Have one of the planter players boost onto the sniper, then jump again to initiate a pixel walk in the corner. Move the sniper back to the planter and boost onto the pixel walker.

Glancing towards B site gives a very clear view of the entrance to monster as well as around the pillar. Interestingly, there’s actually an invisible wall separating the position from the site. The AWP has enough penetration to get through the wall, but the autosnipers and SSG-08 might have a harder time. While not as effective as the original Olofboost, the new variation on Overpass is still a very dirty trick to pull out in public matchmaking.