CSGO fan adds himself to main

CSGO player adds himself to main menu with handmade P90

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

CSGO fans are dedicated, loyal, and highly competitive. But some fans go above and beyond, using their creativity to show their fandom for the older shooter game. Whether its designing rare weapons or turning themselves into shooter characters, there’s nothing these tech-savvy players can’t do.

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player loves the game so much that he’s added himself to the home screen holding a P90 nerf gun. Sam41gaming has taken his passion for CSGO to another level by adding himself into the game. 

CSGO fan adds himself to the main menu 

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You may have seen a few CSGO enthusiasts, but one-upping Sam41gaming is pretty much impossible at this point. The dedicated CSGO player has turned himself into a secret agent, holding a fake P90 weapon. Tons of work went into the whole creation, but the end product was applauded by CSGO fans.

Sam41gaming dressed in army green overalls similar to Commander Ricksaw’s attire. After getting the outfit right, the player filmed himself in agent animation, imitating every single move. The main menu characters don’t have complex movements, so this must have been the easiest part. The agents usually just flex their weapons and sometimes the C4 itself. The real centerpiece was the weapon itself.

The artist designed his own weapon to match CSGO’s P90. The fun part is that this SMG is fully functional, except it shoots out darts instead of bullets. The nerf gun is painted in Asiimov colors, one of the most expensive CSGO skins. It pairs perfectly well with the green attire on CSGO’s greyish backdrop. His pink gloves also caught the attention of fans who love collecting custom items. Players have also requested the artist to sell out his pink gloves and nerf fun. 

The response to his whole creation has been overwhelming. It’s not just the cosplay that’s earning him praises, but players are also impressed by the custom background since setting up a personalized main menu can be tricky. 

Is P90 a good weapon? 

P90 is an excellent weapon on smaller maps, despite the memes around it. The SMG can shoot down multiple enemies in a single spray. However, high-ranked CSGO players dislike the weapon as it can be a menace in the hands of an aggressive player.