Fan creates the only factory new version of AWP Asiimov

Fariha Bhatti • August 30, 2021 3:26 pm

The sensational “KennyS AWP” seems impossible to get in factory new condition so this player went ahead and created one of his own. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is known for its impeccable gunplay. But the players keep coming back to the game for its princely skins that cost an arm and a leg. However, some skins are cherished for their sentimental value and exclusivity. One of those is the AWP Asiimov.

The legendary Asiimov is one of the most sought-after skins but it’s rarely available in good condition. Fortunately, this CSGO fan is also a talented artist. Cyruz has made a factory-new Asiimov skin from scratch and it’s much cheaper than Valve’s variant. 

John Cordes is a CSGO player and an artist who’s taken matters into his own hands by whipping up a 3D Asiimov. Tiny details of the skin have been taken into consideration to perfectly replicate the iconic orange black combination. The creator has managed to get the perfect size of the weapon, adding a realistic touch to it. 

The best part about John’s Asiimov is its sleek-white state that’s impossible to find in CSGO. The orange belted skin is only available in the field-tested and battle-scarred state, which means dull colors and scratches here and there. John’s AWP shines in bright white paint, with orange and black decorating the body with geometrical shapes. 

John revealed that it took him 25 hours to achieve the realistic Asiimov appearance. Unlike Valve’s virtual Asiimov, John’s skin is much cheaper.

The iconic gun comes at a price of around $100 without the kill counter. The StatTrak variant is rare and costs $230, putting it into the higher tier of CSGO skins. But John completed his genuine variant within the $15 range. The artist shaped MLD wood for the body and used spray paint to add signature colors and moulds. 

It’s an extravagant skin but it’s not the price that makes Asiimov a hot commodity. Dozens of professional CSGO players registered historic shots with their Snipers wrapped in Asiimov, including the AWPing legend KennyS. The king of flicks utilized this gun in most the tournaments where he made highlight-worthy plays, earning Asiimov the title of “KennyS AWP.” 

Moreover, Asiimov is popular for its line of a battle-scarred variant called “Blackiimovs.” Typically, Asiimovs have white scopes but an entirely scratched scope characterizes black ones. This type of scope usually requires the skin to be .96 float or worse. Thus, the higher your float, the rarer it becomes.


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