CS20 update brings new skins, new Cache to official matchmaking

By Steven Rondina


Oct 18, 2019

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The updated version of Cache has finally landed in official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matchmaking, along with a bevy of new skins.

The latest CSGO update has arrived, bringing a new case, a new sticker capsule, and some changes to the various map pools. The highlight of this is the updated version of Cache landing in Casual’s Defusal Group Sigma, Competitive’s Scrimmage pool, and Deathmatch.

Map creator FMPONE has been working on an updated version of his most successful map for well over a year, and has been regularly teasing fans with updates along the way. The update was premiered at ESL One New York in a show match involving pro players, to general excitement.

The update brought a number of big changes to the map. Foremost among them is a major visual update that makes the map considerably more colorful, hearkening to the real-life, overgrown Chernobyl. It also features several other changes including a new window for CT snipers in mid and a more-defensible A bomb-site.

With the addition of the updated Cache, the previous version has been removed from Competitive mode. The map was removed from the professional Active Duty map rotation earlier this year, but remained available in Competitive mode. It’s likely that the updated Cache will be added to the regular Competitive pool after having kinks ironed out.

New CS20 skins, stickers added in latest CSGO update


Alongside the map pool updates was the addition of the new CS20 line of stickers and skins.

The CS20 line of stickers costs $0.99 per capsule and features stickers that spoof various elements of the game. This includes a cartoonish recreation of the bomb and funny versions of the various avatar terrorists and counter-terrorists from the game.

There is also a new crate that includes an impressive new line of skins. The CS20 set includes a variety of knives, the Wildfire AWP, Commemoration FAMAS, and a number of others. The skins pay homage to different bits and pieces of CSGO history, both at the competitive and casual levels.


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