Changes to Cache finalized and published by creator FMPONE

By Tom Beer


Oct 15, 2019

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An update to one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s most popular maps was recently released, and the Cache update has changed some sections and interactions on the map that could have major ramifications for how teams approach it in the future.

Fans have not seen Cache played in the competitive pool since March 2019 when it was replaced by new map Vertigo. Since then it has undergone a whole host of changes that were debuted at ESL One New York. 

The complete list of changes includes both mechanical and artistic changes. Map creator FMPONE took to twitter to confirm that all of his influences come from real life photography, and in this case it was a list of abandoned buildings from the Soviet Union.

Heard some people wondering where this artwork comes from, the answer is Skrunda-1. As with many things (but not all) on the New Cache, it is based upon authentic photographic reference,” FMPONE said.

Big changes to Cache affect entries, wallbangs, grenade throws


Aside from a range of bug fixes and wallbang changes, there have been major additions to certain sections of the map. From the CT side going to mid through Z-connector, there is now a window before the exit onto mid which should allow for more defensive control. 

On the approach to the B-Bombsite, in halls and toxic, some of the walls have been made thinner. This change will allow for more wallbangs and spraying to disrupt both the advancing T side and the defending CTs, depending on which side takes control of the area.

Both the A and B bombsites have also seen additions and changes, all with the aim of altering the playstyle of the map. New boxes and boosts on A allow the CT side more options when defending and an open roof in checkers allows the Ts to get more grenades into the B bombsite.

With all these changes being considered, the map is set to play very differently and will kick off an arms race amongst teams as to who gets to the most efficient tactics first. There is a whole host of news smokes and flashes that will disrupt and enable entries and fakes. Fans of the game are sure to relish the chance to see the professionals take to Cache once more. 


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