CS2 Vertigo

CS2 update brings massive Vertigo changes

By Olivia Richman


May 23, 2024

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Counter-Strike 2’s sudden update brought some big changes to Vertigo that will impact how teams maneuver around the map.

Vertigo is a controversial map, with many CS2 players saying it’s the worst one to play on — or watch pros play on. Gamers have noted that there are not many options when playing on Vertigo, creating one-dimensional and repetitive gameplay.

That might change after the latest update.

Vertigo map updates

Valve dropped a CS2 update seemingly out of nowhere. One of the most noticeable changes was some upgrades to Vertigo, primarily around A-site.

Valve highlighted one of the biggest changes, which is a new door that connects Side Hall/Lane to Elevator. This will create new ways for the CT side to navigate the map, creating a more secure way to protect the area. This change allows them to hold onto the A-site and retake it easier.

One important aspect of the new entry point is that CT teams can hold a Side Hall push a lot easier and safer. They can even do it all the way from CT spawn with the right weapons. Expect a lot of smokes in this area to blind this impactful zone.

The second noticeable change is that the catwalk on A-site has been extended to Heaven. This will create even more ways to navigate the once stagnant map. This will make it possible for teams to flank the site and remove a troubling choke point. Terrorists will also use this route to charge down long range snipers.

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The full update notes can be found here, including all of the changes to Vertigo and more.


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