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Valve shakes up CS2 economy with price changes for fan-favorite weapon

By Fariha Bhatti


May 23, 2024

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Valve has dropped a sizeable Counter-Strike 2 update out of nowhere, projected to shake up the meta. The latest May release notes for CS2 add price changes for M4A4 and incendiary.

Valve has released a massive CS2 update, which includes tweaks to almost all mechanical areas of the game, including chickens. The release notes add new animations for the cute pets, significant changes to Vertigo’s layout and Molotov spread, and pricing tweaks for equipment. The massive update will go into effect right away.  

While fans still mourn Vertigo’s smaller A-site, others are rejoicing about the price change that would make M4A4 more accessible. With the incendiary on a discount, CT-side buy rounds will look much better moving forward.

CS2 price changes update explained


Here are all the CS2 price changes: 

  • Reduced the terrorist team award when the bomb was planted but defused from $800 to $600
  • Reduced the price of the M4A4 from $3100 to $3000
  • Reduced Incendiary price from $600 to $500

With this, M4A4 will be cheaper than before, but still a $100 more expensive than M4A1. However, those who prefer M4A4 will still save a lot of money to add to their flashbang budget. Players can earn another $100 from saving cash on incendiary, which is now $500. 

T-side, however, will suffer economically. If you plant the bomb but CTs defuse it, your income will be reduced from $800 to $600. All of these changes should significantly impact the meta in CS2 in the coming weeks. With the modifications to Vertigo favoring the CTs, the price decrease for the weapon is just the cherry on top for the CTs.

What are the molly changes in CS2? 

Besides all that, the incendiary will also receive some visual and mechanical balances:

  • Adjusted the explosion and flame visual treatment
  • Reduced duration
  • Reduced area covered by spreading flames
  • The height of the ‘pillar’ of flame for both Molotov and Incendiary grenades now decreases over time


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