Valorant agent 24 teaser

Cryptic teaser related to Agent 24 appears on Valorant map Sunset

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A fresh teaser for Valorant’s upcoming Agent 24 has emerged within the newest map, Sunset, sparking a flurry of wild theories.

Valorant’s upcoming agent is a duelist who enjoys a good hot plate of duck blood. Their abilities, origins, and name, however, are still unknown. Previously, the code name for a player card was leaked, which pointed at the agent’s potential ability, but there was no way to tie the leak with Agent 24’s toolkit. 

Now, the same card has appeared in the game, solidifying that Agent 24 will indeed possess bullet-blocking abilities if we are to take the codename seriously.

Valorant Agent 24 teaser hints at bulletproof powers 

Yesterday, leakers noticed a curious shield appear on the floor on Sunset’s defender spawn. The purple wheel had an Omen-like shadow swirling out of its center, with mechanical voices in the background. With a closing portal animation, the wheel disappeared. But, the short teaser has left many theories in its wake. 

The card with geometrical patterns that resembled a shield was codenamed bulletproof, fanning wild theories about an agent that could protect teammates. Since Harbor and Astra already exist, the upcoming duelist will have to bring a shield that aligns with their duelist status. The mechanical audio also explains the leaked codename for Agent 24, Architect. Who knows, maybe the upcoming duelist can build sturdy objects from scratch. 

Now, it’s tough to say whether the latest teaser is a portal or a shield. It could also be a shield that works like a portal, but it’s all assumptions right now. What we do know for sure is that Agent 24 is a duelist, hailing somewhere from Asia. Duckblood is a popular dish in Asia but also enjoyed in Poland.

More details will be revealed soon when Agent 24 officially enters Valorant.