Valorant agent 24 teaser

Here’s the first official teaser for Valorant agent 24, a sharp duelist

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 29, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot has dropped the first official teaser for Valorant Agent 24, previously leaked by the codename “Giraffe.” 

It’s been almost two years since Riot updated the duelist roster and sharpshooters in Valorant have long awaited a change. Finally, after rolling out Gekko and Deadlock, Riot is turning its attention to the duelist lineup. In the latest State of the Agents, character producer John Goscicki talked about the upcoming duelist. 

The short introduction came with a teaser image, titled “duck blood,” and players have many wild theories — and many are accurate, according to Goscicki. 

“Valorant is a team-based Tac Shooter where gunplay shines. For some of you, that means aspiring to plow through enemies like Jinggg and putting hours into clicking those orbs with aim trainers for that clean 5K. This next Agent is for you,” Riot said

Where is Valorant agent 24 from?

Blog post image
Riot Games

The blog post also includes an image of a mysterious agent at a hotpot table, eating what appears to be duck blood, a dish that is famous in the Asian region. So, it’s possible that Riot is adding another Asian agent to the duelist roster.

But duck blood soup is also a popular food in Poland, so it’s tough to make any origin claims as of now. 

Valorant’s next agent is gunplay centered 

After releasing the likes of Gekko and Deadlock, which are more strategy-centered, Riot is returning to the roots, where gunplay takes center stage. At least, that’s what we have gathered from the latest teaser. 

According to Riot, the upcoming Agent 24 will facilitate those always looking for a 5K, with an ability so unique that “you never thought would make it into Valorant.” The next duelist comes with a twist that would enable the aim-training players to get kills and let their gunplay shine. The description points at an agent similar to Jett, who comes with her own aim-precise daggers. 

Riot’s mention of a wild “twist” has the community on the edge, sparking a frenzy of absurd guesses. Previous teasers had hinted at the ability to dodge bullets, and the codename “Giraffe” alone was sufficient to generate humorous yet wildly imaginative speculations about potential abilities. 

What is it that Riot claims is so unexpected that no one would see it coming?