Valorant agent 24 teaser

Teaser for the new Valorant Agent has been added to the game

By George Geddes


Oct 3, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The upcoming Agent to be released in Valorant has been teased as “Architect” by Riot Games. Here’s what the data miners have discovered.

Valorant data miner and leaker ValorLeaks posted a short clip on social media of a mysterious sound that was added to the game. The soundbite is supposedly linked to the upcoming Agent set to be added to the game under the codename “Architect.” 

Not much is known about the new Agent but the mysterious clip started with a faint metallic audio and then ended with a short whooshing sound, which has fans curious about the abilities of the new upcoming Valorant Agent 24. 

Everything we know about “Architect”  

The upcoming Agent 24 set to be added to Valorant will be a duelist, the latest addition to the class since Riot introduced Neon back in January last year. 

Although we have little information about the Agent outside of that, developers Riot released a teaser image a few days ago which seemingly shows the new Agent chowing down on some Asian cuisine. 

It’s been speculated that the new Agent will be from the Asia region and could be from Singapore or China. 

The Agent will be focused on gunplay rather than the strategy side of the game, also. Riot said that the Agent will have something special that sets them apart from the rest of the class, it seems. 

“This one has a little twist that you never thought would make it into Valorant but some of you have been guessing in the right direction,” Riot said in the latest State of the Agents video posted on social media. 

The new Valorant Agent is set to be released toward the end of the year, but an official release date is yet to be announced by the developers.