Valorant map Sunset

Valorant leak suggests agent 24 could have bulletproof powers

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 28, 2023

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The first teaser for the next Valorant agent is here. According to the leakers, Valorant agent 24 will be a duelist.

Riot just added an LA-themed map to Valorant’s playlist. Sunset is basked in a neon orange sunny glow with tight choke points and an elaborate mid area. Right after the map, the codename of Valorant agent 24 has slipped through the cracks.

According to leakers, a card called “Bulletproof” is a teaser for the upcoming Valorant agent, codenamed Hyperfocus.

Riot earlier confirmed three agents for 2023, two of which have been released: a sentinel and an initiator. The third and final agent for 2023 would join Neon and Yoru in the duelist roster, according to leaks and Riot.

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Valorant agent 24 abilities

Leakers claim that the bulletproof card is the first teaser for the said duelist. It’s unknown whether the card name has something to do with the agent’s toolkit or if it’s just a title. But it’d surely be interesting to have an agent that blocks bullets.

While it does sound unique, it won’t be the first time Riot would add a bullet-blocking ability. Harbor and Astra have a similar power, but agent 24’s leak points to a more particular ability.

It’s possible that the next agent may turn into an entirely bulletproof entity instead of laying down an AoE or an object that deflects damage. Agent 24 could likely become an invincible force, barging into the site, like Reyna does on Empress. However, it’s just a speculation based on the card title.

It remains to be seen if the next duelist could pull any insane new trick. But one thing’s for sure: it’d speed up Valorant’s current meta, which is certainly going to slow down after the recent patch 7.04 agent changes.

So far, the release date and abilities of agent 24 are unknown.