Council Archives: Final Entry landing soon with Arcane Jinx skin

By Nicholas James


Nov 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Into the Arcane, Riot’s interactive narrative experience surrounding their animated show Arcane is entering its final stage which highlights Jinx.

The Council Archives have been a fictitious glimpse into the information collected by Piltover’s council, who are featured heavily in Arcane. From Jayce’s journals to Vi’s criminal records, fans have been able to peek behind the corner into some in-world documents about their favorite characters from League of Legends.

Jinx, formerly known as Powder, is the final champion to get her moment in the spotlight. This is especially fitting considering the cliffhanger ending that Arcane’s first season concluded with.

Jinx’s Council Archives concludes the heavy narrative investment riot has put into the character through the RiotX Arcane event. Previously a relatively generic Harley Quinn-inspired carry whose main distinguishing trait was her enormous artillery, Arcane has given Jinx a backstory that is the length of several feature films, with a budget to match.

Clearly set up to take up Silco’s mantle as Arcane’s key antagonist in the second season, Riot has chosen to have fans’ final chance to delve into Arcane’s lore be centered on the loose cannon. There are still a lot of gaps in Jinx’s story including what happened during her time with Silco and how she develops into the character LoL fans are familiar with, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

When will Arcane Jinx release?

Arcane Jinx, the final Arcane tie-in skin, is releasing alongside Council Archives’ final entry for the first season.

Just like all the other Arcane skins, players can win a single game of any matchmade game mode or play three to claim the skin. Arcane Jinx is very similar to the base Jinx skin, but with some of Arcane’s gritty, vibrant aesthetic added in. Jinx’s base design has aged somewhat in the years since her release, and this skin is a free chance for fans to upgrade their Jinx model in-game.


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