What will happen in Arcane Season 2?

By Nicholas James


Nov 23, 2021

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Arcane‘s first season is over. After its debut to stellar reviews, fans are scrambling to figure out what could come next after one serious cliffhanger ending.

Some of the possible plot events of the second season can be guessed at from champions’ biographies and other existing lore, while others rely on contextual clues from within the show itself. This article will compile some of the most likely events and most interesting theories about Arcane’s progressing story.

Will Warwick appear in Arcane?

After the theory ran like wildfire through the League of Legends community after the first act, Arcane’s last episode brought confirmation that Vi and Jinx’s adoptive father Vander is being transformed into Warwick, the horrifying lupine huntsman of Zaun.

At the end of the Arcane Season Two announcement teaser video, there is a distinct wolf howl and the low, unsettling tones of Warwick’s theme. Riot Games isn’t even trying to keep it much of a secret anymore, between the glimpse of Vander hanging from the roof of Singed’s workshop and the season two trailer, fans can expect to see Warwick grace their screens next season.

With the second season looking to focus on Vi and Caitlyn’s continued hunt for the renegade Jinx after her attack on the Piltover Council, it’s likely that the sisters come face to face with the monstrosity that Singed is creating.

What will happen to Jinx, Vi, and Caitlyn?

After Jinx’s attack on the council, it’s very likely that Caitlyn’s mom, Councilor Kirramman, will be killed in the explosion, leading to a strengthened revenge plot between Jinx and Caitlyn.

In Season Two’s announcement, Caitlyn can be heard telling Vi that if she goes after Jinx alone, one of the two of them is sure to return dead. The living councilors, Jayce and Viktor sure to be among them, will certainly want somebody to pay for a presumably deadly attack on the city’s leadership. It seems most likely that Caitlyn, perhaps already the sheriff of Piltover after Marcus’ death, is tasked with bringing Jinx to justice.

The most likely scenario for these three is a season-long hunt into the undercity trying to locate her, with the grand twist of Warwick’s existence being revealed to both sisters as a part of this effort.

Will Jayce and Viktor be alive in Season 2?

Arcane left fans on a cliffhanger ending as Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket shatters the council room’s window, set to detonate and kill all of the councilors. However, at least a few characters in the room have pretty substantial plot armor.

Both Viktor and Jayce have stories that have already continued into Runeterra, and both are practically unable to die due to existing lore restrictions. Mel Medarda and Councilor Kirraman however, are both in considerably more danger of shuffling off the mortal coil quite early into the second.

Some fans speculate that a bright golden glow from Mel’s robes hinted at some sort of protective magic, but this is wholly unconfirmed at the time of writing. Mel’s death could very well prove an inciting incident for Jayce to double down on his anger at the undercity should his lover die.

Will Noxus appear in Arcane Season 2?

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Noxus played an increasingly important role in Arcane, with Clan Medarda’s Noxian roots being shown through Mel’s backstory. When Mel’s mother comes to visit her, she announces that Mel’s brother was slain by a man in Noxus. This could be two possible candidates, Boram Darkwill or Jericho Swain.

It’s not yet clear where Arcane stands in the timeline of Swain’s rise to power. A brief scene in Mel’s childhood shows a vaguely Ionian ruin attributed to a regime being toppled by Clan Medarda and Noxus, but it’s still unconfirmed exactly where this scene took place. Should that scene be depicting the Ionian war, it’s fully possible that Swain has already had his hand cut off by Irelia and has bound the demon Raum and begun his play for control of Noxus.

If Arcane happens before the Ionian war, then it is almost certainly Boram Darkwill. There’s also a chance Season Two brings the first glimpses of Urgot, as he is a Noxian headman sent to Noxus to investigate a threat against Boram Darkwill before discovering he has stumbled into Swain’s trap and is sent to the slave mines below Zaun.

Will Singed and Oriann be in Arcane’s next season?

There are some fan theories that Singed’s mysterious daughter is the clockwork doll Orianna. If it’s true, the clues at the very end of the first season mean we’re likely to learn more about Singed’s time in the city of Piltover and what sent him to Zaun. You can read the full theory here.


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