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Could the new Valorant home screen be hinting at agent skins?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Episode 4’s main menu suggests that Riot might be taking its in-game cosmetics to a whole another level. 

Valorant is known for its cut-throat gameplay and extravagant weapon skins that keep getting better. However, the Episode 4 Act 1 home screen may be teasing a brand new feature for Valorant agents. Players are hopeful that Killjoy’s white outfit might bring agent skins to the game. 

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Riot Games transformed the first-person shooter genre with unique agent abilities. These agents have action-packed backstories and voice lines that add tons of depth to their characters. Riot has done a great job catching player interest with vivid skins and lore so far. A new teaser hints that more in-game content might be on the way to keep players hooked. 

Are new agents skins coming to Valorant?  

Agent skins might come to Valorant, but not anytime soon. The developer hasn’t written off the possibility of agents having their own custom outfits sometime in the future.  

During an interview, Valorant developers responded to agent skin queries and said it might happen, but they don’t know when. To make it possible, the team would have to prioritize game quality over issues that may come along with custom skins. Riot might roll out agent skins once those potential glitches aren’t a concern. 

“We don’t ever want to put a blank no on it [agent skins]. We are talking about it, but as we always say, we have to do it in a smart and correct way that doesn’t compromise gameplay,” art lead Sean Marino said. 

We don’t know how these skins would look yet, but Valorant’s main screen might give a good idea. Episode 4 Act 1’s main menu screen features a Killjoy looking at her new tech. Her latest creation didn’t get much attention as players focused on her attire. The Sentinel was repping a plain white coat that players had never seen before. It’s likely her lab uniform where she tinkers with machinery. 

This could be a teaser for what’s to come in the future. The developer has delivered pricey skins for weapons, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if Riot introduces expensive agent skins. It remains to be seen when this happens since current agents aren’t in their best shape yet. Riot may want to fix kits of agents like Yoru, Kay/O, and Phoenix before bringing something as complex as custom skins.