ConnorEatsPants banned emote renews frustration with Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Jul 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

ConnorEatsPants has become frustrated with Twitch after running into some issues with his emotes getting banned.

ConnorEatsPants is known for his gaming content on YouTube, where he currently has 302,000 subscribers, as well as his streams on Twitch. While on Twitch, ConnorEatsPants uses custom emotes like everyone else, but one of his became the topic of controversy earlier this week.

One of his emotes, “connor6Monkey” went against Twitch’s Terms of Service, breaking “sexual content” rules. The monkey can be seen thrusting in a comedic fashion with a wide grin on his face. ConnorEatsPants simply stated: “I can’t believe it.”

There is no denying that the monkey is humping the air but the emote is not explicitly sexual, drawing comparisons to the classic Peanut Butter Jelly Time meme. Regardless, this has once again stoked the flames of frustration with Twitch’s inconsistent enforcement of policies, with some fans pointing out that hot tub streamers are still allowed on the platform yet a cartoon monkey is too much.


Why is ConnorEatsPants’ emote banned on Twitch?

Twitch has become more aggressive regarding moderating emotes that it believes violate the terms of service. ConnorEatsPants is far from the first streamer to get in trouble for an emote. In fact, his punishment was light compared to others.

While ConnorEatsPants just had his emote removed, streamer Jessica49 was permanently banned over an inappropriate emote. Twitch didn’t specify which emote led to the severe punishment but one of her emotes did have the word “simp” on it, a word that Twitch banned a while back.

Streamer Meowriianne had one of her custom emotes banned in 2021, a cartoon mushroom in a hot tub. Twitch had deemed the emote “sexual content,” although her other mushroom emotes were left untouched by Twitch.

Later, Kara Corvus had a cartoon bird emote banned. The bird in question was shaking its behind towards the camera, which Twitch deemed “sexual.”

ConnorEatsPants decided to speak up against his monkey emote getting removed. He tweeted: “I don’t wanna turn this into a ‘but you allow hot tub streams’ thing and get the leafy clones riled up… but come on, man.”

Twitch hasn’t responded to the situation.