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Twitch streamer faces indefinite ban over emotes, but which one?

By Olivia Richman


Jan 14, 2022

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Twitch streamer Jessica49 is trying to figure out which of her emotes led to a ban.

Jessica49 is the latest streamer to face a questionable ban from Twitch. Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker was recently banned for using a questionable racial epithet, while another streamer was banned for saying he wanted to “destroy heterosexuals” at Mario Kart. Now, Jessica49’s ban has the streaming community raising its collective eyebrows once again.

Twitch streamer Jessica49 not sure why they are banned

Twitch emailed Jessica49 to tell her that she had violated the site’s Terms of Service due to her emotes. Twitch wrote that they are “committed to keeping our community safe,” but Jessica49 is still confused about what she did to deserve the ban.

Jessica49 recently had a subathon with Twitch staff members were in the chat. It’s possible that they noticed the emotes at that point, but she is not aware why the emote violation was considered “severe.” Jessica49 told Dexerto that it could be the emote with a middle finger held up or an emote that says “simp.” Twitch notoriously banned the use of the word “simp” so this could be possible.

Unfortunately, Twitch doesn’t publicly share what leads to its suspension. The site never explains the specific reasons behind punishments, leaving it up to the impacted content creators.

Meanwhile, Jessica49 is not even sure if she is suspended a few days or banned. For now, it appears that the “severe” violation has left her indefinitely banned but that hasn’t been confirmed by Twitch either.

Followers have urged Jessica49 to appeal the ban. Others pointed out that Twitch made it clear that the word “simp” is not allowed on the platform any longer, and thus could be the root of the ban.


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