These are the confirmed changes in Apex Legends Season 18

By Olivia Richman


Aug 1, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed some interesting news ahead of Season 18’s launch, including a highly anticipated Revenant rework.

The Season 18 patch notes are not out yet, but developers have given some insight into what players can expect. Here are some of the most interesting things coming to Season 18 that have been officially confirmed.

Revenant rework coming in Season 18

Just as predicted by the leakers, Revenant is going to be the focus of Season 18. Instead of getting a new legend, players will experience a completely reworked Revenant with a “new look and deadly abilities.”

The abilities have not been revealed by developers just yet, but players already have an idea. It seems like he may be getting some mobility options that allow him to climb the side of buildings, and his ultimate may trap enemies in a 1v2 duel.

Revenant will be unlocked all season, but players will have to complete some quests before Season 18 ends to unlock him permanently.

Charge Rifle rework incoming

EA tweeted some fascinating blueprints that definitely look like the Charge Rifle. Notes written on the blueprint claim it’s “redesigned.” It also states that the weapon has a “concentrated projectile,” which means the weapon could be switching to a projectile to “nerf” the Charge Rifle.

This didn’t sit well with fans of the Hitscan weapon. A lot of players responded that this was the only weapon they had fun with, begging Respawn not to nerf it too harshly. Some praised developers, however, stating: “No more long-range spamming.”

Ranked mode getting big updates in Season 18

Players spent the entirety of Season 17 complaining about Ranked since it rewarded players for their placement rather than their performance. This meant that a lot of teams were prioritizing camping, making the game a bit dull for some.

In response, developers agreed that Season 17’s Ranked system is flawed. Due to the “overly generous ladder points,” there were an “inflated number of players” in Masters. The goal in Season 18 is to bring the percentage of players in the Masters rank from 28% to 1% at most.

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To combat this, developers stated that they would be ” tightening the amount of LP awarded and bonuses included for Season 18.” Check out all the details here.

The full patch notes for Season 18 are still not here but expect more updates ahead of the next season.