Collector’s Cache 2 arrives in The International 10 Battle Pass

Steven Rondina • August 15, 00:31

The International 10 Battle Pass is already set to smash 2019’s prize pool record, but Valve is still wanting to persuade players and fans to spend even more money.

A second Collector’s Cache has arrived in the TI10 Battle Pass, bringing with it another wave of high-quality and limited edition skins. There are a total of 17 skins available in the cache, with 14 common skins and three rares.

Many of the most attractive submissions from the original Call to Arms are included in the second Collector’s Cache. This includes a cloaked Enigma set, a pirate-themed Sniper, a Tidehunter set that looks like Cthulhu, and an oni-styled Ember Spirit.

The new TI10 Battle Pass Collector's Cache entries are amazing

As with the previous Collector’s Cache, there are three rare sets to look for. The first is a rare Templar Assassin set named Steward of the Forbidden Chamber that pushes back against her signature ninja look by adorning her with armor reminiscent of ancient Rome. The second is the very rare Claszureme Incursion set for Faceless Void, which has an ancient Egyptian theme and was one of the standout sets from the Call to Arms.

Want to learn more about the TI10 Collector’s Cache?

The elusive ultra rare set for the second Collector’s Cache is for Legion Commander. For the Radiant Conqueror set, she swaps out her signature banners for feathers and is covered in particle effects from her helmet, pauldrons, and spear.

As with the previous Collector’s Cache, each treasure costs $2.50. With the exception of the ultra rare Legion Commander skin, none of the skins will be made available on the Steam Marketplace. They can only be obtained by purchasing treasures, which are only available for the next 30 days.

As of this writing, the TI10 prize pool stands at $31.4 million. This will likely nudge the prize pool up over the $34,330,068 record set by TI9. With the Immortal Treasure 3, Windranger Arcana, and Pudge Hero Persona yet to drop, the $40 million dollar mark still seems very possible.


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