Clove abilities: This Valorant agent encourages you to be a risk-taker  

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 25, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant agent 25 Clove has officially been revealed as the first agent who can still contribute to the game with their abilities after getting eliminated.

Clove is a powerful yet balanced agent who can return from the dead and use some of their power long after they have died. The controller is equipped with smokes, decay grenades, resurrection, and self-healing powers. Simply put, Clove is a self-sufficient agent who is equipped to make risky plays. 

Valorant agent Clove abilities 

Valorant agent Clove

With Clove, the developer wants players to experience a “post-death loop more often” as this agent remains viable after dying. If you’re still lost, here are all the abilities of Clove explained. 

Pick Me Up (C)

Clove absorbs the life energy of a fallen enemy, granting them a moment of increased agility and health.

After killing an enemy, Clove will get a temporary health boost, similar to Reyna, and a speed boost. This self-healing ability comes with a high risk. With an additional 100 health, players will have a chance to string kills together within a limited time window.

Pick Me Up costs only 100 credits and has 1 charge. 

Meddle (Q)

Clove focuses on a fragment of immortality essence that, once thrown, deteriorates the life essence of those hit by the blast.

Meddle will allow players to make highlight-worthy one-tap plays. Once equipped, Clove will release a set of butterflies that stick to nearby enemies, causing them to decay heavily. The tenderized enemies can then be eliminated with just a single bullet. 

Meddle inflicts 90 decay damage at only 250 credits. 

Ruse (E)

Clove’s mind projects a view of the battlefield from above. Using their essence, they manifest vision-obscuring clouds that change the flow of battle, even in death.

Similar to Brimstone’s, Clove has a limited personal radar that they can use to drop down their holo smokes. The regenerative smokes are sizable enough to cover a large entryway. However, Clove doesn’t have a free field for a few of the maps like Omen and Astra. 

Ruse is easily the star of their toolkit, as it lets Clove smoke out the nearby areas from death. However, their smoke radar view is once again restricted to the area where they died. 

Clove’s smokes cost 150 credits. 

Not Dead Yet (X) 

Clove defies death by activating their immortality essence. To stabilize their form, they must remove the life energy of an opponent.

Clove can activate their ultimate after dying and return to the game. But, again, this is one of the many Clove abilities that come with a risk. After coming back from the dead, Clove must kill an enemy during a set time frame or inflict assisting damage to earn the revival. If they fail to do so, Clove will die again. 

Clove’s balance as an agent will be truly tested in-game. They will be released on March 26, 2024.