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Chamber hit with big nerfs in Valorant 4.09, here’s what changed

By Fariha Bhatti


May 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s card shark and ace trickster Chamber has been owning enemies across all ranks but Riot Games has taken notice, and is nerfing one of his best skills. 

New agents in Valorant often struggle to find their footing in the first few months. Chamber was not among them, becoming an instant hit thanks to his golden guns. The sleek and stylish sentinel quickly became a player favorite and an effective alternative to Jett. Especially after the Jett nerfs, players started running Chamber in competitive queues.

However, he may have been performing a bit too well. Riot Games is bringing him back to earth, nerfing his cards to make him more of a sentinel than a duelist. 

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Chamber nerfed in Valorant patch 4.09 

While Chamber’s custom weapons are indeed a plus, players picked him for the Rendezvous ability that teleports him in a blink. His Trademark played a crucial role in a recklessly aggressive playstyle. With two bots watching flank, Chamber could pick risky duels without much support. The new Valorant patch 4.09 changes will force him to be more mindful while playing as a duelist. 

  • Trademark
    • Cost increased from 150 to 200
    • Charges reduced from two to one
    • Audio range increased

The new Trademark will cost 50 creds more. This means that players will have to adjust their economy in order to buy the camera device. Not only that, but Chamber can only store one Trademark in patch 4.09. He can no longer drop the tiny devices across the map, which will force him to play much more passively. These changes won’t drastically impact Chamber’s playstyle, but it sure makes him less powerful. 

Fans were previously calling for Rendezvous to be nerfed. Trademark is powerful, but it wasn’t what players predominantly leaned on Chamber’s specialty. Many other agents can do the same job effectively and maybe even better than Chamber. However, these nerfs will surely force Chamber to rely a bit more on his teammates like Killjoy and Cypher. 

Other changes in Valorant patch 4.09 

There are other changes in Valorant update 4.09.

Fade’s abilities had their visual effects changed for “additional clarity and visual impact.” Flickering textures were specifically noted, meaning some of this likely stems from bugs.

Alongside this, party leaders can now transfer leadership status to a different player. This can be done by right-clicking another player and selecting “Make Leader” in the menu.