Can you vote for the 2022 LEC All-Pro team?

By Nicholas James


Feb 16, 2022

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The LEC has announced updates to the LEC awards, but some esports fans still have questions. Can you vote for the 2022 LEC All-Pro team still?

The LEC All-Pro team was previously a vote accessible to average community members, but that’s changed with the latest update. A new award is being introduced for the playoffs finals, but the All-Pro team is becoming an expert-voted award.

What is the All-Pro team?

The All-Pro Team has coaches, players, talents, and journalists from the League of Legends esports scene pick three players for each of the five positions to create a team of top LEC talent. This creates three All-Pro teams, with the first team being the players with the most votes for within each position.

A public document showed how the voting went in 2021, resulting in this top team:

Barney “Alphari” Morris – Top, Origen – 82 points
Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski – Jungle, G2 Esports – 114 points
Luka “Perkz” Perkovic – Mid, G2 Esports – 112 points
Martin “Rekkles” Larsson – ADC, Fnatic – 108 points
Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle – Support, G2 Esports – 95 points

But who can vote on the All-Pro team in 2022?

Can fans vote for the 2022 LEC All-Pro?

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With its announcement on updates to LEC rewards, the LEC announced that the All-Pro vote would no longer be available for fans to vote on.

The purpose of the All-Pro team award is to highlight the players who are most respected by their peers and varied professionals and experts. All-Pro has served as a way to give underappreciated players their dues and to show which members of a major League of Legends circuit stood out in a given split. Therefore, giving fans access to voting on this devalues the meaning of the award by diluting the few votes of informed experts and professional players and staff by introducing a massive number of outside votes.

This change is only coming to the European league, so fans wondering if they can vote for the 2022 LEC All-Pro team will be disappointed. A new award, the KIA finals MVP, will highlight the best-performing player in the final match of the LEC split. The split MVP award has been one of the crowning achievements a player can get, and now the KIA finals MVP award allows exceptional players to collect both.

The LCS’ All-Pro process will remain the same, so fans should still be able to vote on their favorite players to win. These changes make sense for the LEC by pulling back the All-Pro awards to focus more on the opinions of peers and professionals to the winning players.


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