Who is Sjokz, the most famous host in pro League of Legends?

By Nicholas James


Feb 14, 2022

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She’s one of the most recognizable and iconic esports hosts, but who really is Sjokz?

Eefje “Sjokz” Deeportere is a Belgian host and presenter who has specialized in esports broadcasts. She is best known for her regular and long-time appearances in Europe’s pro League of Legends scene, from its early days of the EU LCS to the modern LEC.

Who is Sjokz?

Sjokz began her career as a freelance journalist producing esports content for SK Gaming and ESFi World. Sjokz is no stranger to academics, having received two separate Master’s degrees and a teaching degree in consecutive years. She was one of the original broadcasters during the formation of the European League of Legends Championship Series, better known as the EU LCS. Her charismatic personality, love for the game, and innate knack for facilitating entertaining and engaging discussion meant Sjokz was a natural fit on camera.

Quickly becoming a community favorite, Sjokz and European League of Legends have become almost synonymous. It’s hard to imagine an English-speaking League of Legends esports scene that doesn’t involve the all-star Belgian host. In recent years she has been expanding out into other esports, most notable hosting events for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Recently, she received community attention when she temporarily stepped away from the LEC due to ongoing contract disputes.

She moved to a contract position with the LEC and Riot Games and had run into contract disputes heading into week three of the LEC’s 2022 spring split. After a two-week absence, Sjokz has announced her return to broadcasting the LEC, and fans are happy to have her back.

How tall is Sjokz?

It can occasionally be hard to judge exactly how tall members of the broadcast are when only referencing their heights against one another, so exactly how tall is Sjokz? While joking about the height of her ex-coworkers Christy “Ender” Frierson and Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi, Sjokz revealed that she stands at 173cm tall, or just above 5’6″.

Fans will be happy to know that any size distortion as it pertains to Sjokz is likely a result of the other very tall personalities on the European broadcast.

What is Sjokz’s age?

Sjokz’s age is 34, and she was born on June 16, 1987. She has been participating as a host in the LEC since 2013, and has become a mainstay of the European broadcast for professional League of Legends play.

Why did Sjokz leave Riot?

Sjokz left a full-time position with Riot Games to instead pursue contract work, which allowed her to branch out into other competitive games and broadcast environments.

For a long time, Riot Games was known for its severe measures restricting its broadcast talent from participating in any other esports. This restriction has loosened greatly in recent years, and plenty of casters have found work in adjacent areas of the esports world. Sjokz still appears frequently basis on the LEC broadcast, but now has the ability to move more freely and expand her portfolio.


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