Yoru TP on Ascent

This new double Yoru TP on Ascent is game-breakingly good

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 25, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

A new lineup proves that Yoru has become a true master of deception after his latest rework in Valorant. 

After a blockbuster release in 2021, Yoru turned out to be a massive disappointment. Developer Riot games quickly fixed the issue by rolling out a rework that changed how players looked at Yoru’s kit. The Japanese duelist is finally in good form, and players are generously picking him.

To demonstrate Yoru’s viability, content creator and caster Lothar has paired up two game-changing lineups to create a strategy that helps Yoru break enemies’ barriers. 

Using his newly minted Gatecrash ability, the Japanese agent can execute flanks and pushes, make risky plays, and still remain alive. His signature ability creates a rift tether that travels straight and teleports Yoru to its location when activated. Great for dodging enemies, Gatecrash gives Yoru new life. 

How to use Yoru TP on Ascent

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This attacker-sided Yoru TP on Ascent takes him straight into the defender’s spawn and towards the B site. Here’s how to do it. 

Start by standing on the corner of Midlink, and stick close to the wall. Players need to use the UI to make sure the ability lines up correctly as shown in the video above. Deploy the glowing ball and follow the radar mark to use it as it reaches the desired spot in the defender’s base. The harness will come to a halt as it hits the corner of Ascent Defender’s spawn. Press the ability key to teleport to the enemy’s base.

Once there, deploy another tether to travel towards the B site safely. It’s worth noting that enemies can always break the TP, so use this strategy when enemies are distracted on one site. You could also request a team’s intel gatherer to clear out relevant areas. Also be aware that teleporting makes an audible sound, so nearby enemies will know that you’ve arrived in the spawn. Be on your guard once you’ve broken into the area. 

Using both the tethers isn’t essential. You can use just the defender’s spawn lineup to take enemies by surprise. However, using both Gatecrashes is one of the easiest ways to take control of B site from the back lines. You may need some support, but this strat is worth the effort and teamwork. 

Looking to improve in Valorant?

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