Bugged Valorant Mystbloom bundle gives players free wallhack

By Fariha Bhatti


May 2, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Mystbloom skin bundle has been turning heads in Valorant, but for all the wrong reasons. 

On April 30, Riot released a sizeable patch, nerfing Cypher and Viper. Both agents had almost their entire toolkit reworked. Besides that, Riot also fixed the Split bug, which allowed players to jump at an unplayable area. However, all of that was overshadowed by a brand new Mystbloom bundle, which included pink, flowery skins. 

Now, the bundle caused some stir in the Valorant community after players noticed suspicious visuals upon equipping the gun skins. On May 2, Valorant content creator Average Jonas pointed out a severe bug that provides Mystbloom users a wallhack.

Mystbloom wallhack bug acknowledged by Riot

The bug works mostly on the Operator, and it’s extremely subtle, so you need to have a keen eye to notice it. A silhouette of the enemies across an object would appear around the Mystbloom gun, almost like a wallhack. The outline would be in the same color as the weapon variant, giving Mystbloom owners a slight edge in the game.

This is likely due to Mystbloom’s unique animation, which spreads out of the gun’s solid structure in the form of an angelic glow. Rest assured, Riot has acknowledged the bug and is already working on a fix. 

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“You know we wanna make cool skins but pay-to-win isn’t acceptable or intentional. We didn’t catch this, but we appreciate the community helped us find this. We’re fixing this bug now and will push out a fix soon.” 

This isn’t the first time a skin has bugged to give players a wallhack. In 2022, a similar glitch forced Riot to remove BlastX guns from Valorant and roll out a fixed version. Considering this is a pretty serious bug, players should expect a hotfix soon.

Players can buy the Mystbloom bundle from the Valorant shop at 8,700 VP.