Bugged Fracture door cost pro Valorant team a round in VCT LOCK//IN

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant bugs are many, but some are so deadly that they can impact the round outcome of high-stake games. This fracture door bug during VCT LOCK//IN shows no bug is too small. 

Fracture is no longer a new map in Valorant, so there’s no excuse for a game-breaking bug to exist still. During a VCT LOCK//IN game between LOUD and Gen.G, a weird bug occurred, misleading one of the players. The bug isn’t new, but players didn’t pay much attention to it in ranked games. But, the outcome of the round between LOUD and Gen.G shows, it’s actually a game-breaking glitch. 

Fracture doors make a loud noise upon opening and closing. Additionally, they only open upon detecting movement on either side. It could be a grenade, dart, or an agent. Otherwise, the doors don’t move. High-level players guard A-site by the sound cues of the door. If the door stays open, it means someone is holding a close angle on the opposite side. That’s precisely what Gen. G’s Kim “Meteor” Tae-O thought, but it cost him the round. 

The score was 3-6 in favor of LOUD, which means every single round was crucial for Gen.G. In a one-versus-one situation, Meteor heard the sound of an opening and decided to move towards the tower, unknowing that Erick “aspas” Santos had already rotated towards B with the Spike. 

With the information available, holding the door was the right move. In a 1v1 situation, if you know the enemy’s position and have Spike control, why else would you leave the post?

However, a cryptic bug and not Aspas kept the door ajar. Consequently, Meteor fell prey to Aspas’ bullet while rotating towards the B-site, giving up round 10. 

What is the Fracture door bug? 


Fracture’s doors are broken. Players have reported that the automatic doors stay open at unknown instances, misleading them. Until doors are patched up, it’s best not to rely on sound cues or even visuals.

It’s a game-changing bug, at least in high-ELO games. Fortunately, there’s no known way of replicating the bug, but there has to be something that triggers it, as it’s a bug that many have reported. Let’s just hope that players don’t discover the trick to recreate the bug until Riot fixes the broken doors.