Bjergsen leaving TSM for 2022 season after 8 years with team

By Nicholas James


Oct 28, 2021

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TSM confirmed that franchise player, multi-time LCS champion, part-owner, and previous head coach Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg will not be playing for the TSM roster next year.

In a video released today, TSM owner Reginald Dhin and coaching staff member Parth Naidu confirmed that despite making an offer for Bjergsen to return as the starting mid laner for TSM, Bjergsen has denied the team’s offer. After becoming a part-owner of TSM, Bjergsen’s future with the organization seemed set in stone. Bjergsen had cemented TSM’s legacy in North America as a championship favorite for almost every split since his arrival on the team in 2013.

Bjergsen’s long tenure with the team and the lack of rumors about this move made the announcement a surprise. Bjergsen was expected to return to the mid lane in the white and black jersey of TSM. Regardless of which team he’s attached to, it’s expected that Bjergsen will be returning to professional play in 2022.

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After leaving TSM, where will Bjergsen play?

In the announcement, Reginald and Parth confirmed that Bjergsen had accepted a competing offer from another team, meaning he is guaranteed to leave TSM in 2022.

It’s unclear yet whether Bjergsen will choose to remain in North America, or return home to Europe and the LEC to pursue another era of dominance. Bjergsen’s retirement alongside longtime teammate Peng “Doublelift” Yilang in 2020 was the end of an era for the LCS, with two of the greatest domestic players stepping away from the spotlight.

With TSM signing a multi-million dollar partnership with cryptocurrency exchange FTX, it’s unlikely that a lack of money was the reason for Bjergsen’s departure. Instead, fans can expect to see Bjergsen on an impressive roster. Whose offer Bjergsen has accepted has not yet been disclosed, but the big news should be dropping soon.

Bjergsen won six LCS champions on TSM, a staggering number of championship victories. Bjergsen leaving TSM promises to shake up the professional scene heading into 2022.


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