Best Milio build, runes, and items

By Nicholas James


Mar 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends’ latest champion, Milio, The Gentle Flame has been taking over the game, here is the best Milio build.

Milio is a brand new enchanter from Ixtal with very exciting new abilities. It’s been a while since an independent enchanter got released, and the item system has changed a lot recently. Here’s how to succeed with Milio in League of Legends thanks to the best Milio build, runes, and items.

The best Milio build

Milio is an enchanter who focuses on protecting and enhancing his team’s backline with a variety of abilities. For this reason, Milio is best with items that enhance his team around him. Though he does have powerful cooling, Shurelya’s Battlesong is the best Mythic item for Milio.

Since Milio’s Cozy Campfire already encourages allies to group, Shurelya’s allows him to speed up his team to find picks or run to safety. From there, most Milio’s build items like Redemption, Ardent Censor, Chemtech Putrifier and Mikael’s Blessing to buff his teammates and amplify his healing.

Milio Runes

Milio’s runes are going to be very similar to most enchanters, he’s going to focus on poke and utility rather than outright damage.

Primary Tree, Sorcery: Summon Aery, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, Scorch

Secondary Tree, Resolve: Revitalize, Bone Plating

Rune Shards: Adaptive Power, Adaptive Power, Armor

The most effective Milio playstyle

Milio is an enchanter with incredibly powerful scaling who pairs best with AD carries who have high range and want to stay back. Since Cozy Campire amplifies allies’ attack range by a percentage of their default range, champions like Caitlyn and Jinx absolutely love having a Milio in their pocket.

Look to poke and keep more aggressive lanes from gaining a large advantage early, and then snowball fights with your team once you have items. Riot Games has compared Milio to Sona in terms of his insane scaling potential, so play for the mid and late game.


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