Baki Hanma fans go nuts over Barack Obama appearance

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The new season of Baki Hanma is filled with fan-favorite characters, but newer fans may be surprised by the sudden appearance of none other than Barack Obama.

Even the most diehard fans of the series will quickly admit that Baki is weird. Between the body-breaking combat and wild storylines, mangaka Keisuke Itagaki is always subverting expectations. In the case of episode 3 of Baki Hanma, that surprise is an appearance by Barack Obama. Here are details on the guest start and why fans should get ready for more wild cameos.

Barack Obama appears in the third episode of the Baki Hanma series under the fake name of Barack Ozma. In episode 3, he meets with series antagonist Yujiro Hanma to sign a peace treaty between him and the lone fighter. After friendly relations are confirmed, Obama asks Yujiro to demonstrate his strength by crushing a piece of coal into a diamond. The ogre compares Ozma to “President Bosch” before a demonstration.

“Oh damn. Yes, you could!” he says, with the voice actor obviously emulating the former president.

The character in the anime is, on paper, an entirely original creation with no resemblance to any person, president or not. However, aside from a halfhearted name change, it’s clear that it’s Barack Obama. While this appearance alone is hilarious, Obama is only the first of multiple American politicians to appear in Baki.

Baki series features Obama, Trump, and Hillary Clinton

The Baki series has a ton of guest appearances, with Muhammad Ali, Antonio Inoki, and Mike Tyson all appearing with changed names, and Obama is only the first American president of multiple. 

Later in Baki Dou, the politicians shift to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who are named Tramp and Hinary, respectively. Yujiro intimidates both characters, even beating up the latter while referencing the treaty between himself and the United States.


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May 10, 2024