Aurelion Sol splash art

Aurelion Sol rework build and runes

By Nicholas James


Feb 6, 2023

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The new Aurelion Sol rework made its way onto the Public Beta Environment ahead of his planned release on patch 13.3, here’s the best Aurelion Sol rework build and runes.

Aurelion Sol is one of the League of Legends’ most memorable and iconic champions. He’s a giant, self-absorbed, galaxy-forging space dragon with an aesthetic and voice-over to match. However, for much of his lifetime in the game, he’s been one of the most niche champions due to his strange playstyle and unique requirements. The Aurelion Sol rework is looking to fix that by giving him a brand-new kit.

Aurelion Sol rework build and runes

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Aurelion Sol rework build

Aurelion Sol has become a theoretically infinitely-scaling late game god with his new work. One of his core mechanics, Stardust, permanently improves three of his abilities the more of it that he collects. Given this ridiculous scaling strength, Aurelion Sol’s builds are looking to focus on that late-game potential and crank it as high as it will.

The core for Aurelion Sol seems to be Rod of Ages and Seraph’s embrace. If you’ve been paying attention to the recent metagame of mid laners in League of Legends, this won’t surprise you. From there, Aurelion Sol likely looks for consistent damage through Demonic Embrace, another incredibly strong mage item. His final items are flexible, but Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Staff seem like the most straight forwards items. The new version of the space dragon excels at making space and then closing in to drop devastating spell rotations into his foes.

Aurelion Sol reworked runes

Aurelion Sol’s new runes aren’t as solid as his items, and the space dragon will likely go through a few iterations before settling on anything. Right now, players have been looking to speed up his scaling by taking First Strike and giving him increased access to gold, and rewarding his sudden bursts of AoE damage. Some players look to increase his poke with Arcane Comet, but this falls off as Aurelion Sol begins to scale. It will take some time before it’s settled exactly how League of Legends’ resident space dragon should teach his runes, but that leaves space for fun experimentation in the meantime.

Overall, Aurelion Sol seems to have been turned into a classic control mage with a few twists. Gone are his old rotating stars that required completely unique positioning, giving players the space to act more traditionally. Aurelion Sol will spend a lot of his time standing behind tankier teammates and launching black holes at them. When the time is right, he can close the gap to breathe waves of fire and drop stars from the heavens on top of his enemies. He’s becoming a control mage with short-range most of the time but hugely influential abilities that scale as the game progresses.


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