Aurelion Sol rework and release date revealed

By Nicholas James


Jan 8, 2023

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The Aurelion Sol rework abilities and release date have been revealed, here’s everything you need to know.

Aurelion Sol is League of Legends’ resident star dragon, but Riot Games decided that his atypical abilities and playstyle have made him less popular than he should be. As a result, the League of Legends developer has taken to reworking the champion’s abilities from the ground up while leaving his aesthetic and theme the exact same. This new form for the Targon-chained celestial being was revealed by community content creator SkinSpotlights, here’s everything we know so far about the new Aurelion Sol rework.

Aurelion Sol rework revealed

Aurelion Sol’s old kit quite literally revolved a set of stars that constantly orbited the star dragon, damaging enemies that they came into contact with. This was a completely unique playstyle, requiring the Aurelion Sol player to focus on a moving element around their character in addition to usual worries. With the new Aurelion Sol rework, this is gone completely.

Aurelion Sol rework abilities

Passive: Cosmic Creator

The new passive is a built-in scaling mechanic similar to Syndra’s shards. When Aurelion Sol damages enemies, he gains stacks of Stardust, which permanently improves each of his abilities depending on how many stacks of Stardust he has.

Q: Breath of Light

Aurelion Sol breathes celestial fire in a direction for several seconds, damaging the first enemy struck and dealing a small amount of AoE damage around that first target. Every second that the first target continues to take damage, they are dealt additional damage, which scales with his stacks of Stardust. If the first target struck is a champion, Aurelion Sol gains a stack of Stardust.

W: Astral Flight

Much like Aurelion Sol’s previous kit, this ability allows him to take to the skies over Summoner’s Rift. With this new ability, however, Aurelion Sol can cast abilities while he is flying. To use it, Aurelion Sol picks a point elsewhere on the map and flies towards it. The maximum distance he can travel using Astral Flight increases with his Stardust stacks.

E: Singularity

His third basic ability, Singularity, summons a black hole that slows enemies and begins to pull them toward its center. He gains Stardust stacks each time that an enemy dies within the black hole and for each second that an enemy champion is caught inside of it. Enemies who reach the center of the black hole are immediately executed if they are below a certain percentage of their maximum health, Stardust stacks increase Singularity’s size and make the execution threshold higher.

R: Falling Star

His new ultimate is Falling Star, which is exactly what it sounds like, the Targonian space dragon pulls a star out of the sky and slams it into the ground nearby him after a short delay. The star deals magic damage and stuns enemies, gaining stacks of Stardust for each enemy champion hit, Once Aurelion Sol has gathered enough stacks of Stardust, his next cast of Falling Star becomes The Skies Descend.

Empowered R: The Skies Descend

Once he’s reached certain thresholds of Stardust stacks, his next Falling Star becomes The Skies Descend. The Skies Descend works the same as Falling Star except that it has a massively increased impact zone, increased damage, and knocks enemies up instead of stunning them so that Tenacity doesn’t reduce the time spent under crowd control. The Skies Descend also has its area expanded by stacks of Stardust.

Aurelion Sol Rework release date

The Aurelion Sol rework will release on patch 13.3, which will arrive on Tuesday, February 7. So fans can expect the new version of Aurelion Sol to land on that date.


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