Asmongold reveals emotional reason behind his break from Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Jul 31, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Asmongold has been missing from streaming, leaving fans a bit confused and concerned for the World of Warcraft streamer. Asmongold revealed the reason behind his break from Twitch is a “mid-life crisis.”

Asmongold is known for his outspokenness, his MMORPG gameplay, and his sporadic streaming schedule. Despite having well over 3 million followers on Twitch, the successful streamer doesn’t have a strict streaming schedule like many of his peers in the top 10.

In the past, Asmongold has taken breaks for personal issues. This time, fans were not too sure why Asmongold wasn’t active on Twitch. On July 30, Asmongold opened up about what had taken him away from his streaming.

Why was Asmongold taking a break from Twitch?

Asmongold took to YouTube to explain a very stressful day that caused him to finally break down. He had to take his car in for maintenance and because it was out of inspection, “one step away from the junkyard,” Asmongold explained. On top of that, he had some other responsibilities like taxes and investing to sort out, as well as dealing with his father being sick.

At one point, his dad didn’t call him back about the car and Asmongold started “freaking out.” He walked miles to his dad’s house in 110-degree weather just to find out his dad was “chilling.” On the way back home, he grabbed some food and started eating while having a meeting with the members of OTK. That’s when his tooth broke.

“All this s— happened in one day. It was one of those things…A reality check. My life was completely f—— out of control,” Asmongold said.

Asmongold went on to explain how his house has been in disarray, including a broken sink full of black water and garbage strewn all over his room. With his tooth breaking, his car dying, and his house falling apart, Asmongold said he was having a “f—— mid-life crisis.”

“I got so stressed out and so upset that I realized I need to take control of my life. It’s out of my control for my standards and that’s saying something,” Asmongold told his fans.

This is apparently what led to the weeks-long break from Twitch but Asmongold has been starting to take care of himself and his house a bit better. On Twitter, Asmongold proudly showed off how he’d finally cleaned his room earlier this week.

Many of Asmongold’s fans applauded the improvement. The boxes and trash were gone and the furniture was cleared. Of course, some couldn’t help but point out the dirty floors but others argued back that it was still a great start. Some fans expressed concern regarding his mental health situation but were glad he was taking it upon himself to move things in a positive direction.

“I’m glad you took time off for yourself. Proud of the progress that he has made in his life. Although we see it differently and [it] might seem like the most simplest thing, it must have taken a lot of willpower to get here,” one YouTube comment read.

Asmongold has yet to announce a return date but fans are hopeful that they’ll see him back in action and in a better state.