Asmongold finds out he is a playable character in new MMORPG

By Olivia Richman


Apr 1, 2022

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Asmongold is probably the biggest MMO player on Twitch, having got his start as a World of Warcraft streamer back in 2014. Since then, Asmongold has branched into other games to explore new worlds but now he finds himself in an MMORPG world as a character.

The Twitch streamer recently checked out Intrepid Studio’s new MMORPG Ashes of Creation. The game is about building cities, defending them, and taking down other players. Asmongold was watching the promo video from developers when he saw a familiar face.

Asmongold reacts to seeing himself as a character in Ashes of Creation

The game’s developers couldn’t help but crack up but Asmongold was left speechless at the extreme accuracy of the character model. All that was missing was Asmongold’s hair.

“We were playing with the functionality and how granular we could get in the customization options to create different personalities. Hopefully, Asmongold likes the little rendition,” the pre-recorded video said.

Asmongold was speechless at first but then he couldn’t help but compliment the developers for creating such a lifelike character. Asmongold said it was “scary” accurate.

It’s not currently clear if the Asmongold character model will be included upon the game’s launch or if it was just a way to show off the character creation options in a unique way.

Did Asmongold quit World of Warcraft?

Asmongold has made it clear over the past few years that he has never quit World of Warcraft. Asmongold added recently that he “loves” World of Warcraft. Just because he plays other games, he added, doesn’t mean he is totally done with World of Warcraft.

Is Asmongold also zackrawrr

zackrawrr is Asmongold’s secondary Twitch channel. Asmongold used that channel when he returned to streaming after his mom’s passing. Since then, Asmongold has returned to his main channel to play games and make reaction content.


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