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Asmongold reveals loss of his mother, WoW fans offer support

By Olivia Richman


Oct 29, 2021

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World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold revealed on Twitter that his mother has passed away.

The personality revealed on social media that is family had suffered a serious loss, with his mother dying earlier in the week. It’s unclear what the cause was, but Asmongold made it clear that he was deeply wounded by her passing:

Asmongold opens up about his mother passing away

Asmongold is a prolific World of Warcraft streamer and has become one of the most prominent WoW players in the world. He started broadcasting on Twitch in 2014 and has streamed the MMORPG for more than 6,000 hours. But Asmongold has recently started taking regular breaks from his full-time content creation job due to mental health concerns as his mother’s health deteriorated.

Asmongold lived with his mother in Texas where he financially supported her. He recently took a break from streaming after returning from a different hiatus when his mother suffered serious burns in an accident related to her oxygen tank.

“I turned off my stream and went to lay down. My room was right next to hers. I was stressed out. I heard a loud crash and I looked up and there were a bunch of lights in her room,” Asmongold told fans at the time. “I go in and it turns out she had been smoking a little bit too close to her oxygen machine. There was fire everywhere, including on her.”

Asmongold had to put the fire out and promptly called 911.

“It’s terrifying,” Asmongold said. “I replay the situation in my head three times an hour and can’t believe it happened, that it was real.”

For the past week, Asmongold had not been active on Twitch or social media. Now his followers understand why.

Fans immediately sent condolences Asmongold’s way when he updated them with the most recent news of her passing. They recalled his mom saying how happy she was while reaching a certain level in World of Warcraft and how often Asmongold told stories about her on stream.

Streamers also stepped in to support Asmongold once they heard the news. Even Rich Campbell stopped his ongoing subathon stream to cry and call Asmongold right when he found out.

Asmongold has not announced when he might return, but he could step away for some time as he continues to mourn the loss of his mother.


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