Asmongold argues with viewers over Twitch ban policies

By Olivia Richman


Jul 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Asmongold shook the streaming community by stating that streamers shouldn’t be banned unless they break the law.

Twitch has been under fire over the past few years for its inconsistent punishments and strict regulations. It often seemed like some streamers were favored for their appearance while others were given punishments that the community felt was harsh for the crime. This became especially clear when Twitch started cracking down on gambling and many streamers turned to Kick in order to get away with more adult content.

Asmongold has been taking notice and most recently had some harsh words for Twitch after a fellow World of Warcraft streamer known as TinyViolin69 was punished.

Asmongold rants about Twitch ban policies

TinyViolin69 was hit with a Twitch ban after he sabotaged a guild raid while streaming. This broke Blizzard’s terms of service and ultimately led to Twitch also banning him.

This clearly didn’t sit right with Asmongold. The outspoken streamer told his chat that he doesn’t think anybody should be banned “unless it’s against the law.”

Asmongold added that developers can ban gamers for going against their policies but was confused why Twitch felt the need to also punish the WoW player, asking how it’s their responsibility.

In response to Asmongold’s harsh opinion, one viewer said that TinyViolin69 deserved the ban because he was a “narcissist” who caused a lot of issues for what he did in-game. This didn’t sit right with the popular WoW streamer, who said that it “doesn’t really matter” that TinyViolin69 “trolled” people in a game.

Replied Asmongold: “Wait, so you think he should get banned because he’s a narcissist? What the f— are you talking about? Are you delusional?”

While Asmongold’s views were seen as a bit extreme, seeing as streamers should probably face punishments for even things that don’t break the law, many agreed that TinyViolin69 was unfairly banned from Twitch.